Dog Training Insight Workshop

Vicki Austin's
Dog Training
Insight presentation

One day (six hours plus breaks) presentation

Certificates of attendance issued

Learn about how dogs learn

With a philosophical approach, Vicki explores the simple brilliance of reward based training and provides explanations as to why it sometimes seems to fail.

Through her consultation service for dog training and behaviour modification, Vicki observes anxiety-driven problem behaviour and social incompetence in dogs to be the most common cause of requests for help. She believes that a contributing factor is that many trainers and behaviouralists are boxing themselves into using one technique and closing their minds to the possibility of a more appropriate solution and in some cases, becoming extreme in their opinion/belief of the “right technique”. They paint themselves into a corner.

This presentation is thought provoking for experienced trainers or can be a good introduction to the joys and complexities of dog training and behaviour, which is suitable for anyone currently working or studying in the dog training/animal industry or participating in dog sports.

The presentation is suitable for dog trainers, vet nurses, kennel attendants, foster carers, vets, dog club instructors, dog sport competitors, professional handlers, day-care attendants, dog walkers and dog lovers.

Presentation fee:

$1210 (includes GST)

Plus travel and accommodation when away from Sydney.

Individual attendee cost is set by host

The presentation can be adjust to better suit various audiences.

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