$220.00 AUD

Snake Aversion Training with Steve

** Please note that the cost of workshop does NOT include the collar, this is additional (please see below)

Enrolment fee includes tea, coffee and a light lunch

Date:  Sunday 3 November 2024

Time:  9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Where: Calabash Kennels and Cattery, 27 Calabash Road, Arcadia

Places are limited to 25 ONLY

Each attendee may bring a dog for participation in the snake aversion training, but one dog only.  It is optional to bring a dog, not compulsory.

Important Preparation: 

  • Participants must purchase their own remote collar that will deliver a spray of air or water via remote control.  Please note that static or electronic stimulation collars are not legal in NSW and will not be used at training days conducted in NSW. 
  • The trainee dog must become accustomed to wearing the collar at random times and for varying durations for at least two weeks before attending the workshop and afterwards. 
  • The functions, including the spray, must not be activated whilst the dog is wearing the collar prior to the training session with Steve.

Suitable remote collars can be purchased online through Petsafe. Use promo code Austin to receive 10% discount on the following collars: 

300m Remote Spray Trainer – PDT19-16397 https://au.petsafe.net/collections/spray-trainers/products/remote-spray-trainer

**This collar is allowed to be used in NSW

300m Remote Trainer (Static) – PDT17-16118 https://au.petsafe.net/collections/static-trainers/products/300-metre-remote-trainers?variant=36349331308706

***This collar cannot be used at the Snake Aversion Training workshop when conducted in NSW

300m Remote Trainer Lite (Static) – PDT17-16025 https://au.petsafe.net/collections/static-trainers/products/300-metre-remote-trainers?variant=36349331275938  (this is a smaller collar for smaller breeds)

***This collar cannot be used at the Snake Aversion Training workshop when conducted in NSW