Puppy Class Instructors’ Course

Vicki Austin's
Puppy class
instructors' course

  • 20 x hours on-line classes
  • 18 x hours practical training sessions
  • 2 x hours on-line quizzes
  • 6 x hours final written assessment


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From March 2018 the Puppy Class Instructors’ Course will be conducted on line with live class presentations, quizzes, practical days and a written assessment.

There is no maximum number of participants for the online sessions. However, a maximum of ten people will be allocated places for the three practical session days that will be held in a specific location eg: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. It may be necessary to schedule a second round of practical session days if the demand dictates.

Please indicate on the form if you have a preference for a different state to undertake your three practical days. If there are enough students, Vicki can schedule the practical days in your state.

Deposits are refundable if requested four weeks or more from date of commencement.

Enrolment is now open.  You can pay a deposit now, or if you would like to make an expressions of interest to attend the course we will keep you up to date with new practical sessions and dates as they are scheduled.

Practical sessions will be held in different locations, with a maximum of 10 people allocated for each session.

Currently we conduct the practical sessions in Sydney however more locations may be added soon.

Vicki believes that if there is one thing that could most improve quality of life for dogs living in our society, it is correct early socialisation, during the critical puppy developmental phases.

Sadly, she treats too many adult and adolescent dogs for behavioural problems that were caused by poorly operated puppy classes.  The very people who mean to improve dogs’ lives, sometimes unintentionally create life-long pain and anxiety for dogs and their families.  

Behavioural problems are the number one cause of death in other-wise healthy dogs.  The large majority of these behavioural problems may have been avoidable through sound socialisation practices and an understanding of puppy vulnerabilities and limitations.

The Puppy Class Instructors’ Course aims to deliver appropriate knowledge and skills to participants to allow them to conduct Puppy Classes that ensure every puppy is kept safe from experiences that can create or develop problem behaviour.  

Course participants are provided with knowledge, techniques and skills to:

  • Provide advice and scenarios to puppy owners for appropriate enjoyable socialisation and environmental conditioning experiences.
  • Provide advice and strategies for the development of puppies’ independence to avoid the development of over-dependence, hyper-excitement and anxieties.
  • Implement strategies for the prevention of problematic behaviour development.
  • Introduce science-based, reward training programmes.
  • Provide advice and strategies for common puppy difficulties, including toilet training, nipping and biting and interactions with children.
  • Introduce appropriate play.

This course is suitable for:

Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Dog Trainers, Puppy Class Instructors, Zoo Keepers, dog lovers
and those wishing to commence instructing puppy classes.

Or express your interest and keep up to date with new locations for the practical sessions

  • Please complete this form if you would like express your interest in a Puppy Class Instructor Course.