Vicki’s Luring Workshop

Vicki Austin's
Luring Workshop

Two days (2 x six hours plus breaks) with practical component

One day (six hours plus breaks) without practical component

Certificates of Attendance issued

Includes practical components for up to ten dogs/handlers

Explore the subtleties and complexities of this seemingly simple technique

Addresses fading food treats

Can be tweaked to better suit the needs of your group

Host the Luring Workshop: $1210 (inc GST) per day, plus expenses

Vicki Austin's Luring Workshop

Explore the subtleties and complexities
of this seemingly simple technique.
Addresses fading food treats.

This seemingly straightforward technique, used in the teaching of basic skills, feels intuitive. Yet, there are numerous stumbling blocks causing frustration for trainers, and mediocre results.

Vicki first began using the luring technique for teaching classes, at a dog training club over 25 years ago. She and other club instructors learned by trial and error. Over the years, she continued to tweak the technique for professional use and has enjoyed success with it.

The most commonly encountered difficulty with the technique is in fading the use of food treats. But it really isn’t that hard, when you know how. When you don’t have the knowledge, you’ll risk falling into bribery!

Vicki applies the Science of Learning and Behaviour to shed light on the subtleties and complexities of the technique of luring. The technique shines when used for the teaching of basic life skills such as sit, drop, recall, stand and heelwork. For this reason, Vicki believes that dog training club instructors and professional dog trainers and puppy class instructors, would benefit from a thorough understanding of the technique.

The two-day Luring Workshop can include practical components for up to ten participants. Each participant needs to have an untrained dog or puppy because the technique involves teaching of the exercises or behaviours. Already trained dogs are not suitable for the practicals. Alternatively, if one or two, untrained high food-drive dogs or puppies can be provided for demonstration by Vicki, the presentation will be made more enjoyable and comprehensible for the audience. 

This course is suitable for:

Dog trainers, puppy class instructors, dog club instructors, vet nurses, pet dog owners and anyone interested in dog training.

Course fee:

To host a two-day Luring Workshop is $2420 (includes GST)
plus travel and accommodation when away from Sydney.

To host a one-day Luring Workshop, without practical components, is $1210 (includes GST), plus travel and accommodation when away from Sydney.

Individual attendee cost is set by host.