Vicki’s Puppy Raising Workshop

Vicki Austin's

One day (six hours plus breaks) Workshop

Raising puppies to become beloved family members or brilliant competitors and professionals

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Vicki believes that if there is one thing that could most improve quality of life for dogs living in our society, it is correct early socialisation, during the critical puppy developmental phases.

Too many adult dogs cannot cope with the world around them and are almost constantly in a state of anxiety of varying degrees. Some of these dogs experience stress even when at home in their comfort zone – it seems they are anxious about what might happen any moment. They might lose access to their owner or the preferred living area, or the owner might go out without them! They might not get fed on time. A scary person might knock on the door or enter the house.

These things happen occasionally and the dog cannot cope when they do. Such anxieties could have been avoided in the large majority of cases by correct puppy raising procedures, by both the breeder and the new owner. Strategies and procedures conducted during the puppy’s sensitive or critical phases for socialisation and environmental conditioning can have life-long benefits.

Sadly, bad experiences or insufficient good experiences during these phases can have life-long detrimental effects.

The Puppy Raising presentation explores a variety of measures that can be implemented by the dog breeder and the new owner to provide some degree of immunity to developing fears and anxiety.  It also looks at puppy vulnerabilities and limitations that often go unobserved, resulting in the development of various behavioural issues.

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Course fee:

to host a presentation – $1210 (includes GST)

 plus travel and accommodation when away from Sydney. Individual attendee cost is set by host. The presentation can be adjusted to be more suitable for various audiences.

Vicki Austin’s
Puppy Raising Workshop

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