Consultations with Steve

To ensure a successful outcome for whatever dog or wildlife handling needs you to have, sometimes it is necessary to get further information or advice. An independent assessment and consultation could be paramount to your canine program needs.


PERSONAL Consultations with Steve

Steve’s experience extends over 40+ years in odour imprinting and recognition and canine behaviour, as well as training thousands of handlers in their careers. His work has attracted international recognition and placed him in high demand. He maintains a degree of availability for consultations to address dog owners’ specific needs.

Private consultations for behaviour modification for pets is available through his wife Vicki Austin. Phone direct on 0411 390 927 for availability.


Private consultations can be conducted in various formats:

  • Telephone - $90 per 30 minutes - initial consultation will take 90 minutes
  • Zoom - $320 - consultations run for 60 - 90 minutes
  • Owner and dog meets with Steve at Arcadia (Sydney) - $420 for 90 minutes
  • Steve visits your home (Sydney metro only) $620 for two hours
  • Canine temperament assessment at Arcadia $420
  • Canine temperament assessment at your home (Sydney metro) $620

Book a one on one phone or video consultation with Steve

Do you need some quick information to help your dog training?
Or perhaps you just need a longer consultation on what to do next or you don’t live in the Sydney region or are unable to schedule a visit.

You may like to schedule a 30 or 60 minute connection with Steve via a phone, Zoom or Skype call when you can show Steve live what you need help with.

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