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With almost eighty years of combined experience in dog training and behaviour, Steve and Vicki have achieved success in a range of training applications. Now they want to share their knowledge and experience with others with shared passions.

Based in Sydney, Australia, they now focus their efforts on various forms of consultation and education.

Meet Steve & Vicki Austin


Steve and Vicki started their dog training passions along very similar lines, well before they’d ever heard of one another. Steve started out with a dog training club in the southern suburbs of Sydney and Vicki started out with a dog training club in the northern suburbs. Both became instructors and held various positions. 

Steve and Vicki are ‘living the dream’ at their home in semi-rural Arcadia, north-west of Sydney. The practical components of their courses are conducted at nearby Calabash Kennels and Cattery.

They feel incredibly blessed to have made successful careers from their passion. Dogs are a wonderful gift to mankind. No other animal has evolved to prefer the company of people over their own species. They now share their experience and passion through various courses and workshops.

Steve Austin

Steve Austin, CPDT-KA

Steve’s passion is scent detection training, particularly in the pursuit of conservation efforts. There is possibly nobody in the world who has experienced the levels of success in a wide range of scent detection that Steve has achieved.

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Vicki Austin

Vicki Austin, CPDT-KA

Vicki’s passion is education. She enjoys expanding the minds of up and coming dog trainers, particularly in the area of Puppy Classes. Vicki believes that the overall welfare of dogs could be vastly improved by educated and skilled dog trainers and puppy class instructors.

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Austins' Dog Training & Education

What we offer

Scent Detection Dogs


Steve is unquestionably, a world leader in canine scent detection. He provides training and accreditation services for detection dogs & handlers all around the globe for a variety of target odours. To find out more about what Steve can  offer, click the link below.

Detection Dogs
Dog Training Course

Steve’s Scent Detection Training - Short Course (SDTC)


Learn from a world-leader in canine scent detection in Steve's Scent detection training course. Participants train their own (or a borrowed) dog to perform scent detection of an odour of their choosing.
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Mentorship under Steve 


Start your own business in canine scent detection; employ additional handlers; contract to other businesses; train additional dogs for your business; and train scent detection dogs for others.

Dangerous Dog workshops
Dog Training Course

Dog Training and Behaviour Certificate course (DTBC)


Your course instructors are Steve and Vicki Austin. You will be mentored by these two highly experienced and successful trainers, and no others. If you are interested in enroling in the next course click below to find out more


Steve’s Assessing and Handling Dangerous Dogs Workshop (DD)


Steve’s presentation leads attendees through learning to identify canine body language and behaviour, in order to keep yourself and others safe around potentially dangerous dogs. This one-day workshop is a must for anyone working or volunteering with dogs or those that may encounter dogs during the performance of their work. If you are interested in the next workshop, click the link to find out more

Detection Dogs
Dog Training Course

Vicki’s Puppy Class Instructors’ Course (PCI)


If we can 'get it right' during puppies’ critical phase development, we’ll be a part of the solution in reducing the numbers of dogs surrendered due to behavioural problems.
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Online courses & Webinars

Steve and Vicki will have a variety of online courses & Webinars available to help you in the comfort of your own home.

Detection Dogs

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Scent Detection Training Course

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Puppy Preschool Instructor Course

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Dog Training & Behaviour Certificate

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Dangerous Dog Workshop

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Are you an AUSTINS' DOG TRAINING student?


Steve's Motivating Miracles Book

I have written this work book and normally only make available at seminars and workshops. However I have decided to offer it to everyone! “Motivating Miracles” is a work book for the professional K9 trainer or those involved in serious K9 training.

Please understand it is not a ‘Sit-Stay-Drop-Come When Called’ book. It is a book explaining how to motivate your dog to become a better detector dog, a better competition dog, and a better and more motivated dog all round. It has plans and pages to copy so you can set out your own plan for your OWN dog.

The book is used in agencies all around the world and this is its 5th re print.

Austins' in the media

Steve and Vicki have appeared in a variety of media to share their knowledge & experience in dog training and education.

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