Austins Dog Training Education

For the first time in Australia, Steve and Vicki Austin are launching a new dog training portal for many aspects of professional dog training.

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By utilising all methods of technology available today, individuals around the country will have the opportunity to train directly with Steve and Vicki Austin, world renowned dog trainer. A mix of online classroom training, webinars and practical sessions, will be accessible to everyone.

The structure of the course will allow access anywhere in Australia where an internet connection is available, making regional and local services of a detection dog to become more viable.

Send us your contact details and we will keep you up to date with all  courses release dates.

Courses will Include

Canine Scent Detection

Many applications for this course.
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Puppy Instructors

Become a puppy class instructor.
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Motivating Miracles

Motivate your dog for anything.
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Dog Training Certificate

Understand more about your dogs' behaviour.
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Puppy Raising

Raising puppies workshop.
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Dog Training Insight

A powerful philosophical approach.
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Luring Workshop

Explore subtleties and complexities.
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Dangerous Dogs

A must for anyone who interacts with dogs for work.
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Trainers spotlight

Steve and Vicki Austin have over 60 years experience in training dogs and handlers in many applications. They are in demand throughout Australia and overseas to provide detection services, training courses, provide innovation for new scent detection projects.  Their training techniques are unique and have earned them a high reputation for teaching both people and dogs.

Steve and Vicki Austin