Steve’s Professional Scent Detection Dog Trainer Course is for individuals who would like to be mentored by Steve to start their own business or add  a scent detection canine to their existing business, under the mentorship of a proven world class leader in the field.



Mentorship under STEVE AUSTIN

Start your own business in canine scent detection; employ additional handlers; contract to other businesses; train additional dogs for your business; and train scent detection dogs for others.


Steve has proven to be highly successful in the field of canine scent detection training. His services, for the training of individual dogs for a wide range of applications, are highly sought-after. The cost to an organisation for each dog and its handler/s’ training, ranges between approximately $40000 to $60000, depending on the specific application, location and other varying factors. Whereas enrolment fee for this course is $19800. At the completion of this course, participants will have their own certified scent detection dog ready to commence operations.

This course aims to train individuals to become Scent Detection Dog Trainers, through the raising and training of their own suitable dog (Steve will provide specific advice on suitability) under Steve’s instruction. On completion of the course, participants will have a trained and certified scent detection dog and the potential to train further dogs. 



$19800 (includes GST) per person/dog team


25% Two people attending all training sessions and meetings concurrently

50% Three to six people attending all training sessions and meetings concurrently



Guidance on selection of dog/puppy or assessment of suitability of existing dog

Puppy raising or preparation of existing dog for scent detection career

Six 90-minute practical training sessions at Arcadia (in Sydney). Consideration will be given to conducting these sessions on Zoom for those located out of Sydney

Three one-hour Zoom meetings for 'Question and Answer' sessions

Online learning materials

One in-field practical training day (within two hours drive from Arcadia).  Additional expenses will be incurred for travel and accommodation in other locations

Dog/handler team validation

Mentorship for the life time of the dog - unlimited access to Steve via telephone or email



Purchase price of dog/puppy

Personal training equipment

Firearms Training and/or Licensing

Additional training sessions: 

$480 (including GST) per 90-minute training session at Arcadia

$770 (including GST) per 90-minute training session within the Sydney metropolitan area

Requests for Steve's attendance at a location more than two hours drive from Arcadia, will incur his daily fee of $2530 (including GST) plus any expenses. A specific quote for attendance at your location can be provided.

NB. There are no additional fees for access to Steve via telephone or email, for the lifetime of the dog

This course is suitable for:

  1. INDIVIDUALS interested in commencing private business operations in canine scent detection – not a franchise. Individuals might be new to the industry or already have a related business where a scent detector dog will be beneficial or, have been a dog handler/trainer and are now seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.
  2. GROUPS of two or more can participate in training concurrently and receive discounts on fees.
  3. ORGANISATIONS AND GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS requiring scent detection dogs.  Discounts of fees will apply when two or more trainers/dogs attend training concurrently.  Specific quotes can be provided to cater for your requirements.

What is involved 


Be mentored by a world leader in canine scent detection for the lifetime of your dog

From the Beginning

Steve will advise you the right dog or puppy then guide you through puppy raising and training for a professional role


For both you and your dog/s.

Become a Professional Canine Scent Detection Trainer

Train dogs for your own business and/or others

Be your own boss and love going to work with your dogs


Participation in Steve’s mentorship programme is on an individual application basis. Make an enquiry or apply now.

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