New Weapon to Fight Graffiti for NSW Trains

in the news Sep 24, 2021

My working English Springer Spaniel is the newest weapon for NSW Trains to help combat the fight against vandals who graffiti trains. It’s great when someone asks me “can your dog find this scent“? As long as I can get the scent the answer is always yes.

So when I was asked by NSW Rail if I could train a dog to locate used aerosol cans, there was no hesitation is agreeing to demonstrate. Tommy is one of my brilliant wildlife conservation dogs so I knew he would easily and quickly learn the scent of the pungent graffiti aerosol paint cans. Tommy got his chance on Monday to show Transport Minister Andrew Constance and other key personnel from NSW Rail that his nose is indeed a new weapon for their fight against graffiti vandals.

Tommy went straight into action to find the aerosol cans and he did not disappoint to his captive audience. TV, radio, and press were all there to capture Tommy run from one location to the next finding the cans they had hidden.

Australia’s first graffiti aerosol can detection dog will soon be joined by new recruits as I have puppies ready now to start training! Here’s a link to the Daily Telegraph’s article today.

The Daily Telegraph did a fabulous article on Tommy also. Here’s the link.