Wall Street Journal interview

Sep 24, 2021

The Wall Street Journal has just published a fabulous article and video that shows the training of Missy and Sally, two Working English Springer Spaniels for detection of a highly noxious weed found in the Kosciusko National Park. In the video, Hillary Cherry from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage talks about the Orange Hawkweed and how it is very difficult to locate.

After starting the first trials with Missy in the Snowy Mountains, the concept for a detection dog to be able to locate the weed was proven. Two more dogs have since been trained to locate the weed and they are astounding everyone as to their ability to locate the weed.

Sally the black Cocker Spaniel was trained up next and more recently there is a new recruit who is Conner, a is 16 weeks old Working English Springer Spaniel.

The detection of a noxious weed in the vastness of the Snowy Mountains is quite extraordinary and a first in Australia. Currently more projects to locate other noxious weeds and matter are underway.

Read the full article by the Wall Street Journal, New York.